Blair's Halloween Reserve 2021

Blair's Halloween Reserve 2021

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They say “great things come in three’s” Not exactly certain if that’s true or not but one thing I am certain of is The 2021 Halloween Reserve is Mind Effin and it’s got Three Awesome Parts which are, to put it Mildly, Over the top…waaay over in fact. 

So here we go ….
Part 1- The Coffin - We started this Years Edition many moons ago working with an Artisan who makes really cool resin stuff and they offered to create a small # of Blair coffins hand made with a waaay funked out look, even including one of our actual Chilis used in the Beyond Ultra Death to be molded in as well. Of course I was down with that… Once I saw this cool mini coffin, I knew that I was going to put my Guinness World Record Setting 16 mill in a vial inside (Yep …it’s in there) but then I decided to take it a step further and added a 1/2 dram of 16 mill layered in the resin itself of your coffin . It worked very well in some and bad in others, we trashed the bad and only gorgeous remain ..33 of them in total. 

Part 2- The Bottle - Enjoy our massive 8 oz Bottle filled with a Furious Concoction called "Beyond Ultra Death" Sauce. Which was then meticulously dipped in multiple layers of Italian Resins adorned with our Very Rare Platinum dipped (literally) Skull baked into the seal. This gorgeous bottle is atop its very own pedestal to be in the spotlight of your finest collection. (Only 33 total sets available ever) 

Part 3- The Flask - To Ensure the 2021 Halloween Reserve is Beyond Ultra, I decided to include a custom stainless steel three & half ounce flask (empty) for your pleasure should you decide to use it or not.  Either way, this Over the top Halloween Trifecta is sure to be a standout on every level !  

With Luv and Spice.  Feel Alive, B

Ps. As we are sending this message out at Midnight est time we recognize many of our long time chili heads may not see it for a few hours. So beginning at 8am est (in 8hrs) the price will increase by $50 every hour on any sets which remain Luv