Golden Death Sauce

Golden Death Sauce

(9 reviews)  

Death Sauce is worth it's weight in gold.

A hot sauce so delectable, it's Goldelicious....the only term that accurately describes the the rich beauty of gold. Kick up the quesadillas and heat up the hamburgers with the burning blend of scotch bonnet peppers, habanero, and mustard seed. Feel Alive with Blair's Golden Death, and realize the riches your mouth has been missing!

To experience this Death is a gold rush of everything good.
Weight: 2.00 lbs
Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Fresh Onion, Cane Vinegar, Mustard Seeds, Habanero Powder, Salt, Turmeric, and Ascorbic Acid
Price: $8.00
Extreme Points: 8
Size :
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(9 reviews)  

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Robert Rauffer
Sep 3, 2012
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This really is the perfect sauce. Not to hot, just the right amount of spice and flavor. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a nice tasty sauce. Congrats guys, you got this one nailed!
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Daniel Masters
Mar 24, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I put this stuff on almost everything; it's great on grill foods, pizza, sandwiches, in soups and chili, and drizzled over nachos. Seriously love this sauce.
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Jun 20, 2016
Beware. This stuff is so good it will have you LOOKING for food to put it on. You'll get second helpings of food just to enjoy more of this sauce. My girlfriend has a bottle of this in her purse for when we go out to restaurants. There is very little food that this sauce would not enhance. Great heat, and an absolutely fantastic flavor. I sure hope this sauce never gets discontinued. If so I will buy up the entire stock before its gone. Great job guys!
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Frederic Bourbeau
Aug 15, 2014
This is the first sauce I have bought from Blair's fine line of hot sauces, and it's a wonderful first plunge into decadence, the hotness is there, but it's not overwhelming, has that nice taste of light chipotle and pepper that is just about perfect for every occasion. This sauce is a no brainer on chicken, burgers, all sorts of summer foods. Beware: Addictive heat, pleasure will increase with use ;)
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Sep 28, 2013
A unique entry in the Death line, and admittedly an acquired taste. It's very savory and a little bit mustardy, but the most prominent flavors are pepper, onion and turmeric. I don't particularly like this with wings or chicken breast; it's a bit too salty and gloopy for that. But it goes amazing with lamb, and works very well with sandwiches and fajitas.
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