Sudden Death Sauce

Sudden Death Sauce
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Dec 13, 2014
This is a tasty but impractical sauce. Behind the killer heat, there's a really nice and interesting flavor. Smooth texture, a little sweet and an exotic vibe, and not much extract taste - but if you could choose only 1 death sauce to buy, it's difficult to make a case for this one.

If you're looking purely for heat, then there are 2 sauces above this, and if you're looking for more than that, this is still way too hot to dip or pour onto food. This one's strictly for mixing small amounts into soups and saucy dishes such as curries or teriyaki - and the sauce adds a lot of heat without disturbing the flavor of your dish. Otherwise, I had a hard time finding a proper use for it. You likely won't be disappointed if you get it, but chances are there's a better choice of Death Sauce for you.
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Feb 20, 2015
I got the 4 mini starter pack because I wanted to sample Blair's products. Oh my, they are all delicious. I blew through the Jalepeno in about 3 days, Original is good, haven't cracked the After yet. I put 3 drops of this in my red beans and rice, and while it warmed them up, it lacked the flavor so I dumped a bunch of Original in. That made them really pop.

I've already ordered more Jalapeno, Golden for fish dishes and if the After is a balance between the heat of Sudden and the flavor of Original, I know which one I'll use most.

Sudden has some sort of weird characteristic about it. Blair's has the best hot sauces on the planet, and I've had dozens of them
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