Sudden Death Sauce

Sudden Death Sauce
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Jul 11, 2013
I think Blair really needs to work on flavor. A good hot sauce should have good flavor and good heat. Blair knocked it out of the park on heat with this one, but the flavor is not appealing. If you want to impress your friends then show them you can eat it while they go into seizures after trying. If you want to enjoy your food, though, this sauce doesn't add great flavor along with the heat. In my opinion, it has a very unappealing flavor. I eat a LOT of hot sauce, and heat doesn't scare me at all. Because of my large sauce collection, though, I know that flavor and heat are not mutually exclusive. I think it would be great if Blair would build an awesome flavor base under the extreme heat of this sauce. To be honest, this sauce sits there unused most of the time because it taste bad. I just tried it again and was reminded of why it just sits there unused while I burn through other hot sauces on the regular.
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Aug 14, 2014
Ding ding ding! 100% agree with the poster, Shawn, on this one.

I've tried six of Blair's sauces: the jalapeno, original Death, After Death, Ultimate death, Sudden death, Beyond death.

Sudden death is my least favorite because the flavor sucks. And believe me, I'm a hot sauce epicure and will come home from work and take out several hot sauces all at once. Sudden death strikes me as having a satisfactory amount of heat, but there's some odd bitterness to it that doesn't quite jive. Every time I try it I think about how the flavor doesn't work.

Granted most hot sauces in the world suck, so bear in mind that this 2-star rating is compared only to the other Blair sauces.

After death has great flavor and a moderate amount of heat. Beyond death wins the heat competition. Sudden death is between After and Beyond in terms of heat, but the flavor is mediocre.

I'd 100% recommend investing in a different Blair's sauce before this one.
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Bob corn
Nov 28, 2015
This stuff is not that hot at tastes like complete sh!t.
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