Create Your Own Case of Chips

Create Your Own Case of Chips
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May 24, 2013
I was wary about going through with my purchase of this case. However, as a guy who eats a 90% vegan diet until night, I like to take my late night munchies seriously. I almost never buy chips at the store, and even then, I have a hard time justifying eating them because they are literally that unhealthy for you. They usually taste like papery fried grease with some salt and are rarely ACTUALLY spicy. The ingredients in these, as far as potato chips go, are respectable, and so is the caloric content. One bag is one serving (I've seen similar sized bags of chips at the store with as many as 4 servings per bag) so there's no deception there. This seemed like the most reasonable and economical way to try a few bags of each flavor (except Jolokia unfortunately).
I was concerned that the bags would be tiny with just a handful of chips. The small/personal bags are actually just the right serving size for one sitting. The Habanero flavor are spicy enough that a bag lasts me 2-3 days sometimes.
Despite all of the good things I can say about these chips (relatively speaking), I was actually disappointed with most of the flavors. I thought I would love the Ancho Chili-Cheeseburger, and probably wouldn't like the Jalapeno Cheddar (I've never been a big fan of cheddar chips/snacks) so I bought more of the former and less of the ladder. The Ancho turned out to be my least favorite of them all. They had tons of seasoning, but the flavor was a little more shallow than I expected and the heat was barely there. I still have a few bags of them left.
The Chipotle flavor was also a disappointment - I almost wonder if I got a bad batch because of the varying levels of seasoning. After seeing how much seasoning there was on the Ancho, I expected to find similar on the Chipotle. They had barely any seasoning at all. One bag basically had just a hint of flavor. Another bag had an average amount, and it tasted much better than the others.
The Habanero's are good. A nice bold smoky barbecue flavor with plenty of heat (some YouTube reviewers may need to give the spice more time to climb). They're a little too spicy for casual snacking sometimes so I actually still have a few bags left.
The Cheddar and Buffalo Wing flavors are why I'm coming back. They have the perfect amount of spice and flavor for me. The Cheddar tastes MUCH more natural than the red-orange powder piled on foam that you get at the store. I wasn't expecting them to be one of my favorite flavors. The Buffalo Wing flavor is true to its name with a tangy barbecue zest. These two flavors made the whole case worth it, and also why I would suggest to others who are looking to try these chips for the first time to just build your own mixed case because you really have no idea which flavors you will like until you try them. All of the flavors have their own signature flair that you can't really compare with any of the big name brand stuff.
All in all I was happy with my purchase. I don't mind that it comes at a bit of a premium as much because I approve of the down-to-earth, hippy-esque way Blair runs his company.
I do think it's kind of a bummer that there's no option for the Jolokia flavor because I'd love to try it. I'm going to order my next case now, and cross my fingers that maybe someone can sneak a bag of Jolokia in there for me...;)
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Kevin S
May 15, 2016
These were great when you could get them. Been out of stock for a long time now. Going to have to move on and find an alternative at this point.
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