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Beyond Death Sauce
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Aug 6, 2014
All I have to say is: DO NOT BE OVER-CONFIDENT WHEN TRYING THIS. Let me give you the rundown of how much of a mistake that was for me.

And just as a bit of background about me (not that you give a f***, but so that you can better ascertain how valid you think this review is):

I'm an athletic, "tough-guy" male in my late-20s. Although no hot sauce connoisseur, I can say that I can handle spice more than anyone I know. I'm one of those people who always goes to Thai and Indian restaurants and orders 11/10 spicy. I always say "make it as spicy as you can. Not white person spicy. I'm serious. Give me an ulcer." And then I get the food and it's not hot. Of course. I even went to Thailand and had eaten the spiciest curries with bowls of raw chillies, and those still didn't do it for me. I also had lived with four Singaporeans for two years, and I could handle more than they could.

So anyway, I get the Beyond Death in the mail, and tried it with some tortillas + beef and vegetables. Now, at first go, I was very circumspect, given that this is supposed to be really hot stuff. So I used small, drop-sized quantities. At first, it wasn't that hot. I used maybe 8-10 small drops over 3 tortillas. Definitely gave me a kick / was spicy, but yet again, I was FINE.

So anyway, I probably got a little over-confident / zealous, and the next day I tried it again with more tortillas. But the thing is, after I shook the bottle then poured it, a good fat drop came out onto the tortilla. So I thought back to the previous night and was like "ya know what, this isn't that big of a deal." So I ate it. And what happened? Nothing really. So same thing, not that hot right?

But you've got to remember, capsaicin, in nature, is actually a poison. That means its effects are dose-dependent. That's why when someone tells you he or she tried a sauce and it "wasn't that hot," this is where that's coming from. The effect on the receptors takes a little time to kick in.

So after having this fat drop and still feeling fine, I had *several more fat drops* over two tortillas within the time span of probably 4 minutes.

By the middle of the second tortilla, I felt a big kick, but yet again, I was "fine," so I just kept with the momentum.

But by the time I finished the second tortilla, I must have passed some form of threshold, because suddenly I started to react to it.

Now don't get me wrong, my conscious mind knew "relax, it's just spice, you'll be okay." But my limbic system / primitive mind new something was horribly wrong. My mouth and throat were CONFLAGRATORY. Never in my life have I experienced something so incredibly f***ed up. I drank five glasses of water and it did NOTHING for me. So I was forced to dive into my milk. Now to put things in perspective:

Imagine you have to take the most insanely emergent diarrhea of your entire life. Nothing else matters. You could be driving on the highway and you'd pull over on the side of the road, even if it were some cattle farm, to poop with the cars passing by. That's how it was drinking the milk. I didn't even have time to re-cap it or put it back in the fridge. Everything else ceased to matter. I was dizzy. I was on fire. I was delirious.

And in no way would I ramble with such a ridiculous review (as if I don't have anything else better to do with y time) if the sauce hadn't been that hot. If anyone tells you this isn't hot, it's because they did what I did the first time I tried it, which is using just small drops. On the other hand, if you slop it on like Tobasco, as I had the second time, you will pay a hefty price.

The flavor of the hot sauce could be better, but the fact that I've always been so "tough-guy" / spice-impervious, and this brought me to my perdition, it gets an unequivocal five stars.

So as the other reviewer has said, you will NOT be disappointed.

My advice is to try this at higher doses.

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Jul 24, 2013
Surely, I thought it wasn't going to be hot because there wasn't any ghost pepper sauce in the ingredients. Boy, was I wrong. A pin head amount of the sauce will make you scream. And trust me, I love hot. You will not be disappointed.
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Aug 20, 2015
I've bought and tried all of Blairs Death Suaces, and use the medium heat sauces often. I thought I could handle this stuff so I dribbled some on a sausage I bought from a street vendor like I would if it was Jalapeño Death....DAMN it was hot!! Nose running, eyes watering, drenched in sweat by the time I finished...and mouth pain! Gut cramps!

Since then I put the bottle away just to keep as a souvenir...yes I wimped out. :(
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Nov 15, 2015
Right, so my sister got a bottle of this for me while she was living in the US. She brought it back to Australia for my wedding. My plan was to put it on the table for guests to add to their food as desired. I thought that I should try it first, given the reviews....
So, on the morning of my wedding a friend and I, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, got two teaspoons out of the drawer. On each of these we placed a good drop of the Beyond death. We placed these in our mouths joking that we had to be quick before the spoons melted. The initial heat is surprisingly light on. Somewhere around 7/10 for the first 30 seconds. You get a great mouth feel for all the flavour components.....then you notice the heat start to build.
Like another reviewer, I guess I should outline my hot food resume before I go further here. There is one thing I strive for when it is available. The hottest possible. I grow butch T scorpions and have eaten them whole, I am the only person to have eaten 5 of the 12 Boar, Stupid hot wings in Cleveland(Brisbane) that I know of. Basically, I'm that dickhead who says "yeah, it could have been hotter" to the waiter.
Forty seconds into the beyond death and I started to sweat. To me this is a good sign. However, it kept going higher. My body stated shaking involuntarily and I looked at myself opening and closing my hands in disbelief. I looked to my friend, neither of us were smiling. It must have just looked like a fearful grimace. We sat down, we stood up, nothing stopped the heat rising! For 15 minutes I thought I might be spending my wedding day in hospital. Then a beautiful plateau and fall in heat. This was a big drop on a teaspoon mind you. Needless to say this was not put out for drunk people to taste, think all is fine, then slap on their food like Tabasco sauce. People would have died!
This is hotter than you think. With food the reaction is less visceral but you're still going to want to get yourself some baby wipes and put them in the fridge. Trust me....
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May 19, 2016
I received this beautiful bottle as a gift, and it is without a doubt the best hot sauce I have ever had. The hottest, the purest, and the most wicked thing you can possibly put on your tongue. Obviously only for the pros. But when your palette gets to a certain level like mine, nothing but Blair's Beyond Death Sauce will do. I add this to pasta, chicken, pizza, soup, just about anything and it never disappoints. One of my favorite things to do with it is dump a generous amount into one of those big bottles of spicy V8, and I've got healthy wakeup juice that kicks my ass all over the place for an entire week. A great product! I'm buying more right now! Feel alive, baby!
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Austin Barton
May 27, 2016
This stuff is hot. I have extracted capsaicin in my fridge right now. I have Ghost Chili Peppers growing in my backyard. I know spice like the Cookie Monster knows cookies and this stuff will ruin your day. Obviously not like an entire super chili or pure capsaicin but this sauce is up there and worst of all is how decieving this stupid crap is. First drop you'll think that it's just for wimps and you're the chosen one that's imprrvious to any good tasting hot sauce and you'll try more. It tastes really good so after a good drop I thought I must be a disciple of the spicy impervious god and there is no sauce worthy to cower. I DRENCHED my turkey sandwhich and devoured it. I'm talking like 4 or 5 tablespoons. It was at that moment I knew.... I f***ked up.

The heat busts into your body with three .50 machine guns Rambo style and ruins day. This stuff ripped me a new one. No, seriously the explosive diarrhea it cause later makes you think you're expelling Nitroglycerine out of your newly acquainted butthole. This sauce made me see double it was so hot. A loaf of bread and gallon of milk couldn't pacify the heat one bit.

I definitely recommend putting this in a bottle of some weak sauce and watching your friends, wife, or mother bask in 110 percent pure pain. Suffering builds character so man up and drink this crap. Having a new one is better than you may think.

R.I.P. - Whoever takes my recommendation.
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Oct 14, 2015
Bougt this sauce because i saw it stands 100,000 scoville hot.
Got the mega death after. (Which stands on 500,000)
Now i don't know whats up with this sauce but its wayyyyyy hotter than the mega death. (Though the mega death has a better taste)
This saucr is searing hot, and I fucking love it!
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Dec 16, 2016
This sauce is extremely hot. You won't find much info about it on the internet, I guess this is because it's a collectors edition so not many people know about it. Take causation when using this sauce. I don't reccomend trying t straight up. I did and I had a hard time. I have eaten an entire Carolina reaper pepper and it was similarly painful, mind you I almost threw up after I ate the pepper. I put this sauce on almost everything I eat because I can give my food heat without changing the flavor of the food. Only try this sauce if you have the highest heat role Nace out of everyone you know.
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