Ultra Death Sauce

Ultra Death Sauce
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Lil' Chilli
Aug 2, 2017
To be honest, I was kinda let down by this sauce. I like hot food but am somewhat of a novice in the field. So when I ordered this bottle I thought I'd be close to death. To my and my brothers surprise it wasn't actually that bad. Sure it was hot and all and your mouth got pretty warm but nothing that we couldn't handle. Before you say that we didn't use enough, trust me, we did. At first we tried just a few drops on a burger but pretty quickly realized that we needed a lot more for it to give it a kick. So when it comes to hot I'd give it a 8/10. Then we have the taste, it isn't that great actually. It worked really well when we used it in our chili stew but when I used it to spice up some various foods it didn't taste great at all. Especially when I poured some on a hamburger, it kinda ruined the whole taste. So I'd give the taste a 5/10.
All in all it left me wanting to try different hot sauces to find something that both makes the food taste better and is hot. I had the Jersey Devil version of this. What I really enjoyed is that it got hard to tell if the food was really warm or if it was just hot haha.

I would give it a four if it wasn't for the taste.
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Jun 5, 2018
All heat, very little flavor. Fine if you're just looking for insane levels of spicy, but it doesn't add any flavor other than vinegar.
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