Death Rain Habanero Spice

Death Rain Habanero Spice

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The hottest dry spice on Planet Earth..! A dangerously hot combination of fiery pepper extract, habanero peppers and cayenne, Blair's Death Rain will fill your mouth with flavor...and strip the tastebuds from your tongue. It's so concentrated (70 times hotter than a jalapeno), that only a single granule is needed to produce an amazing amount of heat.
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Ingredients: Red Savina Habañero peppers, Cayenne peppers, garlic, onion, paprika, salt, celery seed, rosemary, and oregano.
Price: $6.00
Extreme Points: 6
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(6 reviews)  

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AbiliTV on
Jun 1, 2016
I got this as a gift one year, and at work we had an annoying lunch thief... Took my lunch 2 times, and I found the perfect use for this.

I made my sandwich as I always did, except I added a very HEALTHY dose... I made sure it was on everything of that sandwich, and as a bonus I added to my milk.

Let's say that day when we heard a person screaming her head off from the insane heat this spice dropped on her.

The best part - she tried the milk and zero relief, more screaming I am going to sue the owner of this lunch...

I came back and confronted her and asked so how did you like my other two lunches, and other people's lunches all these months? She was so angry, she was sure to win any legal battle, and will report me to my boss...

She did that and got FIRED. Policy was ZERO theft of work or coworker property. I guess she lost the legal battle also.

I tell people about this product all the time.
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May 14, 2013
This spice is very similar to the spice you will find on the habanero chips. I recommend stepping it up a knotch and tossing this spice on your local pubs waffle fries. Oh and ask for straight ranch, you will need it. 6 stars.
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Larry Glueck
Sep 20, 2017
I have use this product for a number of years now and absolutely love it. Unfortunately they have been out of all flavors of rubs for over a year now and have not responded to any of my inquiries as to when they will have it again. i guess i will have to now look for a company that will respond to customers interests.
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Sep 27, 2014
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Patricia Hess
Jul 6, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This is awesome!
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